The Touch ID security feature comes in the Android WhatsAPP PRO version

touch id security

WhatsApp does not have the same functionality in offering new features for Android and iOS versions. Last October, members of the development team of the messenger announced that they have started working on the two methods of authentication (Facebook Android and Touch ID) in the app for iOS platform users. But from then until today, it was unclear when the same features would be available to Android users. Fortunately, the WabetaInfo website reported that at least one of the iOS version of the iOS version of the way is also coming. The Touch ID will soon allow Android users to authenticate and use their fingerprints to enter their Wi-Fi account.

The fingerprint option will appear as soon as it is activated in the Watts app and the Privacy section, and you will be prompted for fingerprints every time you enter the application. However, if for any reason the sensor was unable to detect your fingerprint, you can always log into your Watts account in regular ways (like entering a PIN code).

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Updated: 6 months ago — 6 months ago