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MaiwandTv can be watched throughout Afghanistan terrestrially on VHF/UHF antenna,cable,Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and in the world via Satellite. In the meantime, it has 24 hours online broadcasting Internet TV throughout live stream. Maiwand Radio Television as one of the professional and powerful Radio Television stations in Afghanistan escalates its efforts in order to support democratic, human rights values and commitment of freedom of speech in considering Afghanistan massive media law and policy and provides a specialized and acceptable way among domestic mass media. The station has started its transmission based on rules and standards of international journalism that practices have been leading by a group of well-known and professional journalists in Afghanistan. Maiwand Radio Television has launched abunch of entertaining, educational, political, medical, musical and social programs 24X7X365. News service, Political and Social programs, Technology and Scientific programs, Dramas, Sport and Music are highly appreciated scheduled airtimes bands selected by people all around Afghanistan. The programs that are scheduled represent all category of nation from all demographical segmentation including (women, children, youth and all other age ranges, social, political and income groups). Our aim in Maiwand Radio and Television station is to actively build the station into a leading multimedia platform by delivering high quality content and developing next-generation infrastructure into higher standards capable of providing truly tailored solutions for consumers and operators domestically and worldwide.

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Updated: 21. May 2019 — 19:01