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ToloNews – TOLONEWS HD – Tolo News Live


ToloNews was launched in October 2004, becoming one of the first commercial television stations to operate in Afghanistan and laying the foundations for an accessible media outlet offering local and international news, sports, a current affair, movies, comedy, serials, documentaries, music, children’s programming, lifestyle and entertainment shows. Tolo News was first launched in Kabul but […]

Elixir of youth; Not so far away

The results of recent scientists’ recent experiments have shown that aging can be countered in the future. Researchers began the project by studying how to eliminate the old and dead cells that trouble the body. Old cells are cells that have not completely disappeared, but suffer from lack of performance or irreversible damage.In this study, […]

LG’s record breaking earnings

In the second half of the year, LG has achieved a very good sales record.LG said it had earned $ 27 billion in revenue, recording its highest revenue for the first six months of its history.LG announced that despite its high revenues, in the second quarter of 2018, the company’s mobile sector alone could record […]