The Afghan cuisine

Afghan cuisine is a pure delight! It consists of various types of meats, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. The staple of the Afghan cuisine is undoubtedly rice, which is consumed at least once a day in form of various savory dishes. Among the other sources of carbohydrates in the Afghan diet are the dishes […]



BANDE AMIR NATIONAL PARK Afghanistan is a country of unexpected natural beauty and there are numerous places that tourists can explore to have a taste of it. One of such places is Bande Amir National Park which is situated in the Bamiyan Province. It has been called Grand Canyon of Afghanistan for its beauty. The […]



BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN AFGHANISTAN As a touristic destination, Afghanistan has a lot to offer. There are ancient sites in Afghanistan, some of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The archeologic sites come from different historical periods and portray Afghanistan as the land of many cultures and traditions. Today, the traditions of […]

Ghor Afghanistan

#Ghor also spelled Ghowr or Ghur, is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is located in central #Afghanistan, towards the north-west. The #province contains ten districts, encompassing hundreds of villages, and approximately 657,200 settled people. Chaghcharan serves as the capital of the province. The name “Ghor” is a cognate to Avestan gairi-, Sanskrit giri- and Middle Persian […]

Helmand Afghanistan

#Helmand is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, in the south of the country. It is the largest province by area, covering 58,584 square kilometres (20,000 sq mi) area. The province contains 13 districts, encompassing over 1,000 villages, and roughly 879,500 settled people.#Lashkar Gah serves as the provincial capital. #Helmand was part of the Greater Kandahar […]

Herat Afghanistan the 2nd Largest City Herat

#Herat is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the western part of the country. Together with #Badghis, #Farah, and #Ghorprovinces, it makes up the south-western region of #Afghanistan. Its primary city and administrative capital is Herat City. The province of #Herat is divided into about 17 districts and contains over 1,000 villages. It has a population of […]

JawzJan Afghanistan

#Jowzjan, sometimes spelled as #Jawzjan or #Jozjan is one of the thirty-four provinces of #Afghanistan, located in the north of the country bordering neighboring #Turkmenistan. The province is divided into 11 districts and contains hundreds of villages. It has a population of about 512,100, which is multi-ethnic and mostly agriculturers. Sheberghan is the capital of Jozjan province. Between the early 16th […]

Kandahar Afghanistan

 #Kandahar is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the southern part of the country next to #Pakistan. It is surrounded by#Helmand in the west, #Uruzgan in the north and #Zabul Province in the east. Its capital is the city of #Kandahar, which is located on the#Arghandab River. The province contains about 18 districts, over 1,000 villages, and approximately 1,151,100 people, […]