Brief introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans

Short introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans

Brief introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans
Brief introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans

Introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans is a mountainous and arid country located in Central Asia, the country, which dates back to 5,000 years, was first called Ariana and later Khorasan, but in the solar year of Ahmad Shah Baba’s reign, Afghanistan took over all of Ariana and later Khorasan.

Borders of Afghanistan:

Some engineers find it difficult to pinpoint the exact borders of the Afghan empire, but have said that it was once about 2 degrees wide, they said that the empire’s borders lie to the east, which lies about 2 kilometers from Delhi, west of Mashhad,

which is about the same distance from the Caspian Sea, the extent of Ahmad Shah Baba’s empire declined from time to time due to disputes between his grandchildren and later between his brothers.
Current geographical location of Afghanistan:

Areas of Afghanistan:

North and southwestern Afghanistan has many dry and flat areas, and south of it near the Pakistani border there are plains. Afghanistan has 2430 km east and south border with Pakistan, west with Iran 936 km, northwest with Turkmenistan 744 km, north with Uzbekistan 137 km, northeast with Tajikistan 1206 km and with China 76 km.

Afghanistan with the total of 652864 Sq km area is the fourth largest country in the region, after China, Iran, and Pakistan, with an area of 2 square kilometers. The country is divided into 34 provinces and 398 districts.

The cities and provinces of Afghanistan:

The biggest cities of Afghanistan according to population are: Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, Ghazni, Kandahar and Kunduz. These 7 cities are the most populated area, Kabul has currently 4.5 million and Kunduz over 1 Million.
The biggest provinces according to Area in Km² are:

  1. Helmand
  2. Herat
  3. Kandahar
  4. Farah
  5. Badakhshan
  6. Nimruz
  7. Ghor
  8. Ghazni
  9. Baghlan
  10. Badghis
  11. Faryab
  12. Paktika
  13. Daykundi
  14. Zabul
  15. Balkh
  16. Sar-e-Pol
  17. Bamyan
  18. Urozgan
  19. Takhar
  20. Jowzjan
  21. Samangan
  22. Wardak
  23. Nuristan
  24. Kunduz
  25. Nangarhar
  26. Paktia
  27. Parwan
  28. Kunar
  29. Kabul
  30. Khost
  31. Logar
  32. Laghman
  33. Panjshir
  34. Kapisa
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