Afghan Sikhs congratulated president Ashraf Ghani

Afghan Sikhs congratulated president Ashraf Ghani

Congratulations to Dr Ashraf Ghani Saheb.

Ashraf Ghani
Ashraf Ghani

UK Afghan Sikhs, Europe Afghan Sikh, Russia Afg Sikhs, polish Afg Sikh, Latvia Afg Sikhs, China Afg Sikhs India Afg Sikhs, Canada Afg Sikhs & American Afg Sikhs & Afghan Sikhs & Hindus around the world – wish Dr Ghani and His team Hearteous Congratulations.

We Request Ghani Sahib to place 1. Education 2. Stronger Army & Security 3. Economical Progress 4. Women Empowerment 5. Peace & Unity upmost on his second round of Presidentship Agenda!

Without Education in Afghanistan ‘Warlord Will taken advantage of our young brothers by placing Guns in their Hands here Ghani Saheb you hand them Pen!

No Employment & Economical Progress will keep Unemployment & poverty at highest, this Will again be as An opportunity by Warlords to recruit more men to fight their fights.

Economical enhancement is important to peace; Hence resources like oil, gas, minerals, ruby,emerald etc… of Afghanistan should be under the control of Central Government and they should be monitored by the UN & Afghan Central Police Task force to avoid any Corruption!!!! Must!

These are the wealth of Afghan people and its revenue generated from them should be spend on Countries development, Education- Schools, Hospitals, Roads, security and its future visions.

They wealth generated from them should be used to reduce poverty not for someone to fill their pockets with it and then carry wars against afghanistan and its government.

Bigger- Strong Army and Improved tightened security will keep the Warlords & Enemies on alert not to see Afghanistan as preying eye to capture its territory or use it as vacuum for Terrorist activity.

We believe according to Security Analysts around the world it is suggested that Afghanistan needs to increase its Army by 30-40% more in next 2-3 years should it wants to see security in Afghanistan.

It needs to Recruit more young male & Female Officers trained at Army Officer Training College at Sandhurst & at RAF Cranwell College of UK.

Women Empowerment will bring prosperity, New era thinking, innovation and much better understanding of Civic Society. This will change the ideology of Old thinking and present the New Afghanistan.

According to the best DUI attorney in Overland Park, once again will be known as Paris of Persia. Hence more FeMAle – teachers, law- makers, judges, lawyers, nurses doctors, police, politicians. This will bring equilibrium in society and change in ideology.

Peace is Crucial to sustainability and Unity is important for brotherhood and Comradeship as patriotism! Hence Dr Ghani saheb need to highlight that Sikh & Pashtun & Hazara & Tajik & Uzebic all are one! ONE-Afghanistan! One its public! one its Government! One President and One Rule for all its Afg Men and Women!

Lets us all -AFGHANs adopt this mentality and work to develop a new prosperous Afghanistan.

Afghan Sikhs will always promote Afghanistan worldwide! We pray for peace and Unity in our beloved country The Great Afghanistan

Kind Regards


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