Month: January 2019

Who steals your internet connection ?!

Opportunity: Anyone can have a specific reason, but it’s interesting to always know who uses your home internet connection. Sometimes your home network password is not so strong as others can not cross the barrier. You may feel that the speed of the Internet has been greatly reduced, and photos and videos are getting very […]

The dangers of fake and infected Android applications

This tutorial examines the dangers of fake and infected applications in Android operating systems and solutions to it.One way is to infect your operating system and access anonymous users to your personal information, malware, or infected applications. By installing infected apps, you get the way to penetrate your device. In other words, after installing malware […]

Elixir of youth; Not so far away

The results of recent scientists’ recent experiments have shown that aging can be countered in the future. Researchers began the project by studying how to eliminate the old and dead cells that trouble the body. Old cells are cells that have not completely disappeared, but suffer from lack of performance or irreversible damage.In this study, […]

Toyota Shipbuilding

Toyota’s hydrogen vehicle is a large and heavy ship that is 30 meters long and 12 meters wide and weighs 280 thousand kilograms.The ship is now called the “Observer Energy” or “Energy Monitor,” and its project began last year to use renewable and non-polluting sources, and plans to use Toyota’s engine for a 6-year test, […]