Kabul air pollution air for Kabul

Kabul air pollution air for Kabul Kabul air pollution – I am reaching out on behalf of Air for Kabul, a philanthropic initiative funded by M&R Environmental Solutions, an environmental company in Afghanistan.  Air for Kabul, or #Air4Kbl, is a campaign we initiated in order to bring awareness about Kabul’s air pollution as well as […]

Wars and invasions of Afghanistan:

Wars and invasions of Afghanistan

Wars and invasions of Afghanistan: Afghans have fought and fought throughout history to liberate their country from the Macedonian, Safavid, Mongol and others.Britain has also been forcing wars on Afghans. The first Afghan-British war was in the year 1838 to 1842, the second war in the year 1878 and the third war in the year […]

Brief introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans

Short introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans Introduction of Afghanistan Land of Afghans is a mountainous and arid country located in Central Asia, the country, which dates back to 5,000 years, was first called Ariana and later Khorasan, but in the solar year of Ahmad Shah Baba’s reign, Afghanistan took over all of Ariana and later Khorasan. Borders of Afghanistan: Some […]

The Afghan cuisine

Afghan cuisine is a pure delight! It consists of various types of meats, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. The staple of the Afghan cuisine is undoubtedly rice, which is consumed at least once a day in form of various savory dishes. Among the other sources of carbohydrates in the Afghan diet are the dishes […]



BANDE AMIR NATIONAL PARK Afghanistan is a country of unexpected natural beauty and there are numerous places that tourists can explore to have a taste of it. One of such places is Bande Amir National Park which is situated in the Bamiyan Province. It has been called Grand Canyon of Afghanistan for its beauty. The […]